AI educaton. What market requires?

Carine Simon, Borys Pratsiuk

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a major force of growth in virtually every industry worldwide. One in five companies will use AI to make decisions in 2018. With the raise in utilization of AI the demand for workers with AI talent has almost tripled in the last 3 years. Some companies are transforming themselves into “intelligent enterprises,” in which all processes are digitized and decisions are data-driven.

The growth of the AI sector has prompted many prominent educational institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, to enhance their offerings of AI courses and programs to successfully supply many skillful AI specialists to the market. But do these programs really satisfy market demands and what do companies look for in newly minted AI experts?

During our unique “Inter Atlantic Talk” using public talk format and video stream capabilities, with participation of Ukrainian and American speakers we will try to answer such interesting questions as:

• What are the most in-demand AI jobs now?
• How are AI positions and demanding skills being evaluated and developed in the age of AI?
• How do AI educational programs differ from each other?
• Does the universal AI educational program exist?
• Do current AI educational programs satisfy companies’ needs?

Carine Simon — Senior Lecturer in Operations Research and Statistics at MIT Sloan School of Management for the Master of Business Analytics and Business Analytics Certificate. Recently Carine was engagement director in Liberty Mutual Insurance’s internal consulting group (corporate strategy & research) where she led internal consulting engagements. Prior that, Carine created and led a data science team in Liberty Mutual Insurance’s consumer Market business unit where she built advanced analytics models to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and customer engagement of claims processe.

Borys Pratsiuk — Head of R&D engineering at Ciklum, leadind 5 directions: HW&Embedded, HealthCare, IoT, BigData, Scientific research. Build prototypes for IoT and mobile applications. Borys has a strong experience in Android software development, in embedded and hardware development leading cross-location development team.

Dmitry Kan — Head of Search Technology and Innovation teams at AlphaSense Inc (Finland), leading the Search Engine technology development behind the financial product; Founder & CEO at SemanticAnalyzer — the language intelligence company where he developed AI algorithms for sentiment analysis, semantic tagging, machine translation.